Welcome to the Directory of Practitioners who have trained in Rebozo Medicine with Angelina Martínez Miranda or Mayella Almazán Arreola (in the lineage of Angelina Martínez Miranda).

Entries are organised alphabetically and by areas: United Kingdom & Ireland, Europe & the Americas. 

1) Cerrada (training in Cerrada) either with Angelina Martínez or Mayella Almazán

2) Foundation Rebozo Training

  • Intensive Training Completed (ITC) means they attended the intensive 3-day workshop on Foundation Rebozo Skills consisting of 24 hours of teaching and supervised practice and are completing the case studies needed for Foundation Rebozo certification.
  • Foundation Rebozo Certified (FRC) means they have completed the 3 case studies and availed of the feedback enabling them to become Certified in all the Foundation skills which include prenatal techniques such as the Manteada (pregnancy massage using the rebozo).

3) Traditional Mexican Practices for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Introductory 2 day workshop Dublin (September 2016) referred to as Dublin Introduction (DI) in the table below.

4) Honouring & Celebrating Women’s Life Cycles, (HCW) 8 hours

For the latest dates for workshops with Angelina, please email us  hello@yosoygaia.com or suscribe to our Facebook events to receive notifications when we upload our activities here.

If you wish to organise a Cerrada Workshop with Mayella who lives in Ireland, please also get in touch. (Maximum number of participants is 12).

Theresa Armenta MontesCerrada, DI Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
Samara ConcepciónHCW, ITC, CerradaLondon, www.shewhogiveslife.com wellbeingsamara@outlook.com 0754 288 3984
Jennifer ConnellCerrada, DIGalway, Republic of Ireland jenniferconnell888@yahoo.com
Susan CoullITC, CerradaMoray, Scotland ( United Kingdom) covering north east Scotlands & Highlands Facebook Hypnobirthing Moray Mobile 07901516176
Marcela De Leon PerezCerradaEdinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Mobile 07874089485
Facebook: mama gives light
Instagram: @mamagiveslight
Email marcela@mamagiveslight.com
Vera Dubrovina-ThompsonHCW, ITC, CerradaLondon info@veradubrovina.com www.veradubrovina.com +44 (0) 7957468895
Aryna KrestovaITC, CerradaLondon & Birmingham, beedoula@gmail.com WhatsApp +44 (0) 7917 353 634
Valentina HeydayITC, CerradaLondon, Kent. Instagram @heyday.doula FB Heyday Valentina, WhatsApp +44 (0) 7456 888019, heydaydoula@gmail.com
Sophie HallITC, CerradaAll of Yorkshire (United Kigdom)
Mobile 07340912190
Maria Fotiou (Maia)ITC, CerradaLondon, UK (& Athens, Greece)
Email: mfotiou12@gmail.com
Mobile: 07855565491
Juliet HenninITC, CerradaBrighton, United Kingdom. juliet@rededenolive.com, +_44 (0) 7813 495101
Crystal JackDI
Aurea KelvinITC, CerradaLancaster, England. aureakelvin@hotmail.com, 0777 923 2866
Laura KnottITC, CerradaNorth Wales, www.birthingmamas.co.uk 0791 491 7711 laurabirthingmamas@gmail.com
Hilary LewinCerradaLondon, United Kingdom Mobile 07748965064
Susi McDonaldCerrada, ITCEdinburgh, Scotland & Lothians (United Kingdom) www.rainbowdoula.com
FB : Susi rainbow doula
Email: siusaidhmcdonald@gmail.com
Mobile: 07467 284380
Natasha Alejandra MontesITC, CerradaBelfast & Co. Down, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) Mobile 07572222843 Email natasha_msm@hotmail.com
Claire Morrow-GoodmanCerradaNorthamptonshire (United Kingdom) rippleeffectyoga@hotmail.com
Mobile: 07966288236 FB RippleEffectYogaNorthants
Lea Ouai FRC, DI, Cerrada, ITC London & Bath (United Kingdom) www.thamesdoula.co.uk
Ariana KireilyteITC, CerradaKent & London. info@spiritedawaymassage.co.uk, 07500 4123 33, Instagram @ariana_samassage, www.spiritedawaymassage.co.uk, www.shaktimuma.com
Julia ProkopchukITC, CerradaLondon. Instagram @miyadoula, FB Julia Prokopchuk miyajmail@gmail.com, +44 (0) 747 0025 896
Cassandra RosaCerrada
Amanda WoodfordCerradaPoole, Dorset (United Kingdom) www.Amanda.woodford.co.uk
Email info@amandawoodford.co.uk
Mobile 07473419691
Lara AlegriaITC, CerradaVlkančice, Czech Republic Mobile +420775959691 Email fioredelalara@gmail.com
Kateřina BeardmoreCerrada, DI, HCWPrague, Czech Republic
www.domorodka.cz phone: +420 776 568 040 email: gaia@reborn.com
Anna BorsyakovaITC, CerradaMilan, Bergamo, Cremona, Italy. anna.borsyakova@yogaspace.it www.yogaspace.it
Ana GoedbloedITC, HCW, Cerradawww.rebozoclosingritual.com info@sensefulmassagetherapy.com www.sensefulmassagetherapy.com
Janne Christin LoekkebergITC, CerradaOslo, Norway. Email jannel@live.no 0047 4110 8965
Désirée MazierITC, CerradaPoitiers, France & El Salvador desimazierdoula@gmail.com
Amina MerabetDIBarcelona, Tarragona, Teruel & Andalucía ( Spain) and Co Mayo (Ireland) www.madre-selva.com
Ekaterina PerkITC, CerradaGeneva, Switzerland. +41 7913 70 131, ekaterina.perk@gmail.com
Iris Josepina VerstappenITC, HCW, Cerradawww.rebozoclosingritual.com www.cycleseeds.com, info@cycleseeds.com
Jessica L’abbéITC, CerradaBase in Edmonton, Alberta Canada but available all through Alberta. jlabbeyeg@gmail.com, WhatsApp 730 232 8594
Erica MillerITC, CerradaUnited States. 1- 414 313 6766, elmiller4@uwalumni.com
Grace ZimmermanITC, Cerrada, Certified Nurse MidwifeTennessee, United States, 1- 615 674 6242, zimmermangrace@gmail.com