I offer a number of services to support women during their cyclic and non-cyclic years, including hormonal wellnessfertility and pregnancy support.

As optimal results are obtained when healing is seen as a process, I am no longer offering one-off treatments but rather Treatment Packs where you commit to a minimum of 3 sessions (which may include different types of treatments). Please get in touch at hello@yosoygaia.com to arrange a FREE 15 minute telephone conversation so you and I can agree on the best course of action for you.

Womb Blessings, & Womb Healings

A Womb Blessing is a one-to-one infusion of Divine Feminine healing energy. … A Womb Blessing is a transformative healing experience, awakening and restoring our female energies and reconnecting ourselves to our awareness of our authentic female nature.

The Womb Healing is a reiki-style treatment that works to balance the feminine archetypes, restore their energies and release emotional/psychological/physical blocks and obstacles. In a Womb Healing, we work with balancing your own energy and restoring the balance within your cycle.

Five times a year, my teacher and colleague Miranda Gray and a large number of Moon Mothers like me, gather all over the world to share the World Wide Womb Blessing either by ourselves or in groups. This Worldwide meditation is FREE to join and the perfect way to find out more about the Womb Blessing, our community and Divine Feminine energy. Find out more here and to locate your nearest Womb Blessing Circle across the island of Ireland, go here.

Traditional Mexican Medicine for Fertility, Pregnancy, PostPartum Care and Beyond

From Mexican Post-Partum Cerradas (wrongly translated as Closing of the Bones) using the traditional rebozo (Mexican shawl) to and Fertility Massage as well as Floral Immersion Baths, there is a lot to be had, find out more here.

Women Wellness Packs

These packs incorporate several of the treatments for consistency in your treatment and saving a bit of money too ! If you are looking to improve your hormonal balance, optimise your fertility, receive post-partum TLC or heal any pregnancy or birth-related trauma, have a look here

Workshops in Person and Online

Many times from my home space The Zen Room in Hillsborough (Co. Down), others from other places in Ireland and beyond. You can  check out my FB page to see what I am currently up to here.

I look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, celebrate life and all its blessings!

In love and gratefulness, Mayella