Living Colour with the Five Elements

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“The Greeks believed, and biologists know, that there is the most life where the four elements—Earth, Air, Fire/Heat/Sun, and Water—come together.”

—John Jeavons y Carol Cox

According to the Chinese tradition, the five elements or five phases –Fire, Earth, Mineral/Metal, Water and Wood– are responsible for the different natural phenomena.

This workshop is inspired by these concepts, as well as spagyric alchemy, and applies them on a practical level to the process of natural dyeing. We’ll learn how to apply colour to natural fibres in a safe, long-lasting and sustainable way, using plants, insects and clay. We’ll also learn more about the benefits of this practice for humans, the environment and the planet.

Upon finishing this workshop, you’ll have acquired the theoretical, philosophical and practical knowledge to be able to give new life to your garments or make your own textile creations using an array of techniques using natural materials. The topics we’ll cover include:

1. Dye journal: its importance, necessary elements and personalisation

2. Materials list (materials are not included in the online workshop)

3. How to find ecological sources of colour in your kitchen, garden and other places, as well as the importance of responsible harvesting

4. Preparing your fabric for dyeing: from washing it to the process of fixing the colour

5. The dye process and additional techniques including plants, cochineal, clay and the organic indigo vat

6. Washing and caring for your fabric

If you wish to take your dye knowledge to a deeper spiritual level, there will be a session at the end (with an additional cost) in which we’ll learn about the Fibres and Dyes as living beings at the service of Life and their message for you.

This workshop includes:

۞ 12 modules with detailed videos of each part of the process

۞ Downloadable PDFs with instructions, formulas and tips

۞ Additional references to keep on learning

۞ Year-long access to all workshop contents

۞ Support group on Facebook for answering questions, creating community and delve deeper on certain topics when necessary

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Who runs the workshop?

Malú Colorín is a atural dyer, lover of colours, tireless traveller and apprentice of the Wise Woman’s way.

Malú shares the name and calling for textile art with her mother and grandmother. She was born in Mexico City and moved to Monterrey with her family at 6 years of age, where she studied graphic design and fine arts.

After graduating, she returned to Mexico City where she worked as director’s assistant in an emerging art gallery. Her huge curiosity has taken her on paths such as cruise ship photographer in Alaska and the Caribbean, as well as craft tequila retailer in the Nayarit Riviera.

She has been fascinated by colours ever since she was a child (which is why her friends started calling her Colorín). Upon returning to her place of origin, she discovered her great love for plants and met Claire McGrath, who introduced her to Yo Soy Gaia in 2016. Bringing together her passion for colours, her will to learn more about plants and the textile tradition in her mother’s family, she started experimenting with natural dyes. She has learned from masters such as the Bii-Dau collective, Raúl Pontón Zúñiga and Anabel Torres, as well as researching and experimenting on her own.

“After having done the Botiqueen workshop, I am convinced that plants are teachers full of wisdom and medicine, waiting for us to re-connect with them so they can transmit us their magic.”

For Malú, textile dyeing using all five elements is a way to become one and collaborate with Nature.

She also uses hand-embroidery as a tool for meditation and transgenerational self-healing.

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