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Moon Mother® Level 1 Workshops in the United Kingdom & Across Ireland

Moon Mother® Level 1, Female Energy Awakening

In this 2 days training workshop you will be taught and guided by Mayella Almazán Arreola, authorised teacher by Miranda Gray, the originator of the worldwide Womb Blessing®. You will awaken to your beautiful femininity – strong, creative, sexual, spiritual and empowered!

All women are welcome!

The Womb Blessing® and The Divine Feminine energies are needed in the world now more than ever. Women are crying out to connect once again to the sacred feminine, both around them and within their bodies. A strong connection to our femininity keeps us content in our physicality, sexuality, spirituality and creativity, free from guilt, pain and invalidation.

At the end of the workshop you will be a registered ‘Moon Mother®’ and be able to give Womb Healings and Womb Blessings®. The course is certicated and there is an accompanying manual.

What does the Level 1 Moon Mother® training entail ?

It is a certicated immersion workshop that marks the beginning of your path as a Moon Mother®, the connection with the Divine Feminine energy to heal and assist other women in their path to their authentic femininity. The Moon Mother® initiation you receive in the workshop is a gift of beautiful Divine Feminine energy that helps you to awaken to your authentic and powerful femininity and to cleanse and heal your life, and makes you a channel for these vibrations for other women in person and globally.

There is a great need for more Moon Mothers to help women to restore their connection to the Divine Feminine, thereby healing and nurturing them.

In this two day immersive course you will:

*  Connect to the Divine Feminine energy of the Womb Blessing through the ‘Moon Mother’ initiation.

*  Learn how to give the Womb Blessing® – a  specifically female ‘energy awakening.

*  Share the spirituality behind the Womb Blessing® meditation used by thousands of women worldwide.

*  Understand when and how to give the Womb Blessing® energy awakening and some of the amazing effects.

* Learn a simple but powerful self-healing technique.

*  Learn how to give a supporting Womb Healing for yourself and other women.

Who can attend this workshop? 

All women are welcome, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle. Any women interested in awakening their divine feminine energies and bring them into their daily lives. You must be over 18 years of age.

Can I attend the workshop if I am pregnant?

This workshop brings about an energy awakening and an integration period afterwards, so it is not recommended if you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

Can I attend the workshop if I am breastfeeding and need time away to feed my baby?

No, this weekend is a gift for yourself. There are a number of activities, moments of initiation and  reflection so it will be complicated to bring your baby, feed them whilst respecting your own introspective time and that of the other women attending the workshop.

Can I attend the workshop if I have no womb or no menstrual cycle?

Yes, this workshop is open to any women interested in awakening her female energies.



June 12 & 13 in Hillsborough, County Down

Facilitator: Mayella Almazán-Arreola, authorised teacher by Miranda Gray, find out more about her here

INVESTMENT  £320 sterling or 350 euros

Book your space with 100 sterling or euro and pay the rest in cash on the first day of the workshop.

How can I book my space? 

Send us an email to hello@yosoygaia.com to send you a registration questionnaire and the payment details.

What is the cancellation policy?

In cases where you need to cancel, there will be no refunds of the deposit you paid but you can use it for future Moon Mother training workshops in the UK, Ireland or Mexico with Mayella. If the event needs to be cancelled, you will be informed in writing and all the payment will be refunded.

Please do not book accommodation or travel until we email you to let you know the numbers have been confirmed and the workshop is going ahead.

Accomodation options for Hillsborough, Co Down

Nearby accommodation to The Zen Room, just outside Hillsborough village

Premier Inn Hotel, in Lisburn, the nearest town to Hillsborough, around 12-15 minute drive from The Zen Room.

Mill Farm, self catering cottages of different sizes within 5 min drive of The Zen Room

AirBnB, some examples

* Self catering, 2 single beds in the countryside here

* Private double bed with shared bathroom in the village of Hillsborough here

For one-to-one Womb Blessing or Womb Healing sessions with Mayella email hello@yosoygaia.com

Find Mayella’s upcoming Moon Mother Level 1 workshop dates in the UK visit this page,  for other workshops across Ireland visit here, for worskhops in Mexico (some of which are in English) and for online workshops with Mayella see this page.

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