Tutorial – How to prepare flower essences at home 

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The Wise Woman Way is the oldest healing tradition on Earth. Orally transmitted from one woman to another, it is a tradition of respect for Mother Earth and all of her creatures, a path that recognises that plants are not tools, but teachers who are willing to take us on a magical journey if we commit to knowing and honouring them deeply. It is a path that teaches us that compassion, simple rituals and common plants can nourish and heal us on every level.

Red Clover is known for its long root that carries nutrients to the soil and the surrounding plants.  Red Clover flower essence helps us to centre and deeply ground ourselves and to be faithful to our individuality.  It is a generous ally that helps us to identify the unique talents and gifts that we bring to the groups to which we belong.  You can read more about Red Clover Flower Essence in my blog post here.

Below is a video tutorial and instructions on how to prepare your own flower essence at home.  It is recommended that you use a clear glass bowl when creating flower essences.  This tutorial was filmed while I was having a picnic with my Mother on the day of the Summer Solstice 2019 when all I had to hand was this beautiful Mexican bowl that I had gifted my Mum.  Although it is breaking the rules slightly, I am of the opinion that this bowl carries the energy of my beloved Mother and so I am not overly concerned that it is not made of clear glass.  Use whatever you have at hand!



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Once you have followed the instructions in the video tutorial above, you will have prepared a Red Clover Mother Essence.  Below I have provided instructions on how to dilute your Mother Essence so that your herbal medicine kit is never without this noble and generous floral essence. 

How to prepare a bottle of Red Clover Mother Essence

How to prepare a stock bottle with your Red Clover Mother Essence

Flower Essences can be taken from either the stock bottle or the second dilution bottle,
however, the diluted bottle is the most usual method.

How to prepare a second dilution of Red Clover Flower Essence


General recommendations:

  • Take 4 drops of stock essence or 2nd dilution beneath the tongue or in a glass of water 4 times or more per day
  • Create a spell or mantra to recite each time you receive this flower essence.  It could be something that reminds you that you, Red Clover and all the other beings that inhabit the Earth, form part of the same family, the family of Gaia, the Goddess of Mother Earth, the great ancestral Mother of all life, and as such, each member is capable of influencing the energy of other members, even in the most subtle of ways.  I like to recite the mantra “I am Gaia, you are Gaia, we are all Gaia” when I work with Flower Essences.