Bealtaine Celebration

This live event is now over, however, you may still enrol to view the recorded workshop.

On Saturday 8th May at 7pm Irish time, we came together to celebrate our ancestral festival of Bealtaine and the return of the light in aid of the Pieta House Darkness into Light Campaign 

In this workshop, I discussed how I honour our ancient Fire Festivals by way of the creation of a Gaelic Wheel of the Year, while I talked through the ancestral traditions and practices, whose revival I believe can bring healing to the beautiful island of Ériu.

This live event is now over, however, you may still enrol to view the recorded workshop.

Please fill out your details using the form below and you will receive the link to Paypal to make your payment upon completion.  €30 euro is the minimum suggested donation but if you can afford more, 10% of all donations will go to the charities in Ireland that were of most assistance to me in the search for my own Father in 2019:   Oranmore Maree Coastal Search Unit and Galway Dog Search and Rescue.  Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a link to view the workshop.

If you cannot afford €30 and would like to participate, please write to me (Claire) at and we can sort something out 🙂

I look forward to sharing this beautiful celebration with you.

Claire McGrath

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May the fire of Bealtaine illuminate your hearts and your hearths through each turn of the wheel.
Claire McGrath

Who will be guiding this event?

An Irish herbalist living in Mexico, Claire McGrath is Co-Founder of La Botica de Gaia (Gaia’s Apothecary), Co-Creator of the Yo Soy Gaia® line of herbal formulations for gynaecological health and one of the Yo Soy Gaia® Academy’s workshop creators and facilitators.

As a transcreator, she acts as a bridge between cultures, between languages and between people and plants. Following in the footsteps of two great-grandmothers, she is a Bean Feasa (Irish woman of knowledge) and a practitioner of Irish magic and spirituality.

She gained a Masters in Translation from Queens University Belfast, where she specialised in the translation of Latin American Feminist theatre and wrote the first English translation of Mexican author Carmen Boullosa’s play, Aura y las once Mil Vírgenes, winning a scholarship that would bring her to Mexico for the first time.

Following a corporate career in the Irish Whiskey industry that took her to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, in 2012, she found herself once again in her beloved, magical Mexico, where a period of dis-ease, together with divine synchronicity, led her to meet Dr. Mayella Almazán, founder of Yo Soy Gaia, to gratefully leave the corporate world behind, and to return to who she truly is, a wise woman, a sower of seeds and a guardian of Mother Earth.

Since then she has dedicated her time to teaching urban agriculture, designing and installing urban gardens, regenerating the earth, urban rewilding, telling the stories of her Gaelic ancestors and promoting the benefits of walking the Gaelic wheel of the year. She is Co-Founder of @huertotonantzin, an urban garden in Mexico City, where she also trained as a Montessori school garden teacher.

She has learned from respected teachers such as Lauro Hinostroza Garcia (Tarire Mutsarawa), Peruvian Shaman and founder of IMTAAMPAC (The Institute of Applied Traditional Medicine and Crafts of Mexico-Peru), as well as renowned traditional Mexican midwife, Angelina Martinez. She is currently studying a diploma in Traditional Mexican Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition.

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