Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Ancient civilisations traditionally commemorated the Rites of Passage of both men and women as a way of marking the importance of a number of life’s transitions such as the coming of age and the birth of a child, for instance. Modern society has lost these traditions and with them, the supportive role they had to facilitate these transitions and the powerful feeling of community that originated from the gathering with the purpose of accompanying a member of the clan in such an important event of their lives.

Please contact me if you wish to celebrate

  • The upcoming birth of a child (Blessingway or Mother Blessing, see the video at the bottom of this section)

A woman-only gathering and may include her mother, sisters, aunts, daughters, best of friends, mentors — anyone she respects, looks up to or values. A Mother Blessing helps the woman to prepare herself for the birth, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, for the all important role of a new mother. She feels ‘held’ and supported by those she loves and respects — a great way to help her release any blockages she may be feeling and to allow her to embrace what’s to come. Hearing other women’s birth stories as you share around the circle can be surprising, exciting and heartwarming to hear.

  • The Birth of a Child, which may include a Cerrada ceremony for the Mum
  • Your daughter’s menarche (first period)
  • The Birth of the Crone (Menopause)