Mayan Ceremonial Cacao



Historically, ceremonies come from two groups that used cacao in ceremonial contexts. The Spirit of Cacao is one of the most powerful deities in Mayan cosmology, they called him “Ku-Ku” which means “Sacred over the sacred”. The Aztecs learned from the Mayans the cultivation and preparation of what was the drink of the Gods, they called it “Cacahuat” and when they extracted the bitter drink they obtained from its fruit, they called it “Xocolatl” hence the name Chocolate in Spanish . It is important to mention that it was only consumed by the emperor and the nobility.


Cacao was used in a ceremonial and therapeutic way in the Mayan world. It is a great resource to deepen the personal work that each one of us is willing to do. Cacao has a gentle and at the same time very deep way of working with emotions and consciousness, its expansive effects put us in contact with a feeling of openness in which we can see more clearly the issues we have to work on. Cacao opens the doors for us to get in touch with our personal wisdom and the Teacher that each one of us carries within, showing us the multiple possibilities we have to create, flow and share.


In Mayan cacao ceremonies we take a journey into our innermost wisdom, where our Teacher resides. The Mayan peoples knew cacao not only opens the door of the heart but also the door to a greater consciousness because when we connect with the Love that resides in us, we enter into harmony with the Pachamama (nature) and the Universe.


Our Mayan cacao is prepared for our ceremonies following a 600 year old secret recipe which was shared with us by our Mayan ancestors together with Curandero and Curandera Medicine chants as a portal to start this inner journey, to expand our heart and our loving consciousness.


This training workshop consists of 5 Live Sessions via Zoom

It is mandatory to attend all 4 sessions in order to be certified.

Participants receive support through a WhatsApp group chat.


  • You must attend ALL live sessions and actively participate in each of them. In other words, it is not possible to go through the recording sessions, but you must attend all 5 sessions live in person.
  • Upon completion of the certification, you must sign the Code of Practice and Authorization as Facilitator of Mayan Cacao Ceremonies
  • You must complete a Merit Practice of 13 Ceremonies. A Practice of Merit consists of performing a cacao ceremony following the teachings of the workshop with your family, friends and for yourself, and its objective is to connect personally with both the seed and the teachings.


l6,17, 30 & 31 May, 2024
Time: 19-22hrs Dublintime

A fifth session (if needed) is agreed amongst the group participants

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Introduction to the history of Cacao and its botanical aspects 
• The Mayan Cosmovision of Cacao
• Connecting with the ancestral memory of plants
• How to prepare ancestral Medicine
  •   SESSION 2

• Meaning and the use of the sahumador (for smudging)
• Sacred spaces and how to activate them in the Mayan tradition
• Introduction to the Mayan Medicine Wheel
• Calling and Acknoledging the 4 elements during the ceremony
• How to set up a Mayan altar
• Opening and closing ceremonies  (how to request permission from the Directions and the Elementals)

• How to prepare Cacao
• Prayer and ritual to set the intention and consecrate the seed and the ceremony
• Cacao Recipes
• Introduction to the Mayan cacao ceremony

Feedback, experience, practice evaluation


Esmeralda Aguilar Lara is the workshop facilittor and founder of Kibok – Círculo de Mujeres Cancún, flower essence therapist, magnetotherapist, aromatherapist, Curandera initiated by the nahua Abuela Fructuosa, facilitator of workshops on indigenous cosmovisions, sweatlodge guide and women’s circle facilitator.

Esmeralda is also a traditional herbalist, the creator of the Goddess Sweatlodge method, a certified Moon Mother and is currently finishing her training as a Mayan curandera.

Mayella Almazán-Arreola is the workshop translator/interpreter and Founder of Yo Soy Gaia. Her experience with cacao stems from her collaboration and training with Angelina Martinez Miranda, the world renowned traditional Mexican midwife and carrier of 4 generations of midwifery and cacao use for pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Mayella is an expert in women’s health, trained in clinical aromatherapy, Taoist feminine practices and has trained in traditional Mexican medicine practices. She is passionate about the sharing of indigenous wisdom in a respectful and sustainable manner.


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