There is one particularly powerful influence on women’s health and wellbeing which is often overlooked or suppressed in the worlds of business, fulfilment, success and yes, most complementary therapies – the menstrual cycle. Mostly regarded as a negative influence in women´s lives it is in actual fact a powerful tool that can be productively used to create happiness and fulfilment in all areas of women´s lives.

In a letter published in the British Medical Journal in 2010, Dr Daniel Hindley noted that in a Bolton NHS foundation trust study, “menstruation problems” was listed as the fifth most common school absence reason among 251 primary and secondary pupils referred to the trust. He concluded: “It is essential that preventive and early intervention should be seen as the cornerstone of multi-agency working to ensure pupils’ right to education and to protect their health and wellbeing.”  But as this article in The Guardian recently reports, nothing has changed since 2010 and the issue does not affect only the north of England

This online workshop addresses these problems by allowing you to go beyond what is taught about menstruation in the classroom and the home and do so from the comfort and privacy of your own home and in your own time. Not only that, as part of the workshop, you will be taught how to properly track your whole cycle to greatly increase the self-knowledge you need to feel you understand and appreciate your body and its cycles differently.

As such, the workshop is aimed at

  • Working women finding it difficult to reconcile their body clocks and rhythms with their professional lives,
  • Women looking to improve their chances or preparing for pregnancy
  • Young adults/teenagers struggling to understand the changes in their bodies and
  • Complementary therapists looking to add a USP to their work by incorporating this knowledge into their practice ** (scroll to the bottom if this applies to you)

You receive all materials BY EMAIL weekly and meet me online for a one-to-one chat about your menstrual cycle charting and the insights you have had as a result of the workshop and your time dedicated to learning about yourself.

The materials includes
* A video for each module
* Audio MEDITATIONS you can download to your computer or mobile telephone


Module 1 

Gyn-Ecology and why you need to know what this is.

Module 2

The simplest things you can do TODAY to improve my Hormonal Wellness and Balance

Module 3

The Power of Charting your Menstrual Cycle, but NOT the way you were taught.

Module 4

The Changing Face of Women throughout the Month and throughout Life

Module 5 

Beyond the Basics: Period-related Mysteries & Teachings from around the world that keep women´s wombs happy and in balance.

PLUS A One-to-one distance session to review and chat about your menstrual charting and devise a Personalised Road Map for Menstrual Health and Balance


Special prices applies to Mother or Father/Child Combo and for families with more than one child wishing to participate and avail of the Personalised Road Map for Menstrual Health and Balance, for more details, please email me

For more information or to make your first payment using a credit or debit card via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account) to our account


Recent research estimates that between 50-60% of the people looking to avail of a complementary therapy are women, so can you, as a therapist afford to ignore this powerful variable? This workshop is open to both MALE and FEMALE therapists interested in supporting their female clients beyond their own skills by becoming aware of HOW the menstrual cycle affects them, WHY it affects them and by being able to offer them simple, practical tips to improve their hormonal wellness. The investment is the same as above, but rather than include a 1-2-1 review of your Menstrual Charting, this version includes a 1-2-1 review of the application of this new knowledge into your practice. The chart-based Personalised Road Map for Menstrual Health and Balance can be availed of for an extra £22 (£110 + £22 = £132).