Thanks ever so much for coming t
o see me the other day !

During our session I promised so send you further information to further support you and this email contains just that.

  • If you had a Womb Blessing, I will have spoken to you about the fact that this involves an integration time of the energy you receive of one Lunar Calendar (approximately the same as a calendar month, but we count from moon phase to moon phase, e.g. if you got your WB on a full moon, your integration period will take up to the following full moon.  Check out what moon phase we were in the day you came to see me here and download your Womb Blessing Integration Support sheet here. Also you may remember I mentioned how water absorbs the energy around us and so how drinking the water in your bowl used during your Womb Blessing would further get this energy into your body. The discovery of how water molecules change according to the energies that surround was the life’s work of Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan and you can read all about it on his website (sadly he passed away not so long ago..)
  • Moon Dial   When we met I most probably gave you a copy of a Moon Dial so you can start tracking your Menstrual phases every day of the month, there is one my artist friend Loreto Contraras from Chile allows me to share wideley and you can find it here. Download it to your computer and print it as many times as you wish. Keep tracking, keep discovering your true self and enjoy !
  • Kidney health.   Again, during our session, I may have mentioned the importance of kidney health for a healthy and happy menstrual cycle and promoting fertility. In traditional Chinese and Mexican Medicines this is emphasised as the kidneys and uterus are not only situated opposite one another in our abdominal cavity but are also connected via the complex Meridian and other relevant energetic channels. You can find a lot of information on this in Google and also through your acupuncturist or other practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My favourite ways of supporting kidney health are
    • (1)  drinking infusions of organic nettle leaves (and of course using them to cook when they are fresh in our fields and gardens in the spring). Find out how to make nettle leaves infusions here,
    • (2) keeping my feet warm at all times (especially not walking barefooted in cold ceramic floors and such like, but it’s very good to walk barefooted on grass and nature) and
    • (3) keeping my kidneys warm throughout the cold weather and especially when I have my period. Use a scarf and tie it around the relevant area or buy a fancy beautiful kidney warmer like these ones, the choice is yours, aren’t those ones super pretty?
    • (4) Never ever ever ever drinking water by itself again. Yes, you heard me right. Bottled and filtered water is devoid of most if not all vital minerals our body needs to thrive (after all, minerals are the elements used by our body to send, receive and act on electrical impulses and signals, from our brains to our hearts and every organ in our body). If you wish to drink water, add as much lime or lemon juice to it as you wish, as well as a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda and a sprinkle of sea salt. I KNOW this goes against what everyone has told you over the last 30 years about drinking 3 liters of water a day etc etc but TRY IT and see. Our cells are full of bad water our bodies do not know how to process or get rid of. As our bodies struggle to get rid of this water, it does indeed flush toxins, but it also flushes those vital trace minerals we so badly need. Rebalancing the water content of your body involves ingesting water which is enriched with these minerals, so adding the lemon, bicarbonate of soda and sea salt is a way of doing so. Let me know how it goes. This change in my life changed EVERYTHING for the better, I am sure the same will apply to you.
  • Three Must-See Short Videos , surely I mentioned these too when you booked , they talk about simple lifestyle changes you can do today to improve your hormonal wellness, maximise your fertility and be period-happy all month long !  Watch them here and read more details in the descriptions of the videos themselves.
Pass them around, let’s change the world,
one woman at a time,  one girl at a time ! 
Before I go I wish to remind you of my Women Wellness Packs, created to provide consistency and continuity to your treatment and save you some money too. If you have had one session with me with one of the treatments mentioned in a particular pack, we can include it already as part of your pack so you can keep benefitting from your commitment to change and improve your health and wellbeing. Download the Wellness Pack pdf here.

And lastly to let you know about my online workshop on Menstrual Literacy for All, a workshop full of practical information that will allow you to learn a lot more about your menstrual cycle than I could share with you during your one-to-one sessions and will allow you to take responsibility for your hormonal and reproductive wellness, including how to chart your menstrual cycle BEYOND the bleeding days and YES, this charting is needed regardless of whether you are cyclic or not.  The workshop consists of materials and exercises to be completed and viewed in the comfort of your own home at your own pace as well as a one-to-one session with me where we will create a personalised roadmap to assist on your way to hormonal bliss regardless of your age. You can start this workshop anytime. Find out more about it here.

Anything else I forgot to mention, you know where to find me. Until we meet again, I send you a big hug from this side of the rainbow,