Family Constellations and BioNeuroEmocion have become increasingly recognised as astounding, powerful and far-reaching approaches to finding lasting resolutions in cases which before had seemed beyond reach. But how do they work?

Beyond the individual’s conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions, there lies a myriad of tribal or transgenerational energetic links that bond us to our ancestors, including people in our families we may have never even met or may have decided to forget about/exclude from the clan for whatever reason. These connections are ruled by universal Orders of Love, as defined by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger and developed through his work with Family Constellations. These Orders are for the most part unknown and so we often unconsciously breach them. As we deviate from the natural Order, for instance, we take on responsibilities that do not belong to us and create entanglements that may generate, for example, generate chronic medical conditions, a general sense of dissatisfaction, a hopeless feeling of suffering, material or financial loss, mental blocks and even accidents.

Making these invisible entanglements and deviations from the Orders of Love visible through Family Constellations, allows for the invisible to become visible and can shorten the time needed to solve any health, personal or professional issue due to the fact that unlike most other forms of therapy, Family Constellations can reach beyond the individual consciousness to prenatal and transgenerational levels.

In similar vein, BioNeuroEmocion is a methodology through which we aim to find the emotional keys and identify the hidden emotion underneath every behaviour as expressed through antisocial behaviour, violence, addiction and physical symptoms (also known as illnesses). Both metholodogies aim to optimise, and not to substitute– the treatments that the patient is receiving, whether allopathic, traditional or complementary.

In Family Constellations and BioNeuroEmocion sessions, the connection with the Tribal Soul and its movements show us where the natural Orders of Love were interrupted and the dysfunction or entanglement may have taken place. And so, from this place of profound respect and free from any sense of judgement or criticism, a deep sense of healing and peace emerges not only for my clients, but also for the people around them.

What sort of issues has Ancestral Healing shown to offer insights and solutions with?

* Important life events that cause pain/guilt/sorrow, such as early deaths or separations of parents or siblings, (in)voluntary exclusion of a family member, early hospitalisation, major accidents, illnesses and disabilities , serious complications during childbirth, adoptions, abortions.

* Persistent physical ailments such as obesity, anorexia, asthma, panic attacks, ulcer colitis, cancer.

* Long-term or ‘inherited’  emotional or mental health issues such as rage, depression,  isolation.

* Self-destructive behaviour such as addictions, accident proneness, eating disorders.

* Patterns that keep occurring in life and seem very  resistant to change despite working on them from different approaches.

* Unexplained fobias or fears

* Unexplained infertility, lack of financial success, repetitive accidents

What happens during an Ancestral Healing session?

You first must choose an issue you wish to work with on a One-to-One consultation. This can be done in person or via Skype or FaceTime.

Prior to your appointment, please prepare by drawing your FAMILY TREE as shown in this video and bringing it with you for your session.

Depending on the issue to be worked on, I may use a set of objects and set them up to represent family members or members of the system in question, or parts of yourself or even the issue you want to work with.  As the session develops, the formation becomes a “living map” of a personal/family system where hidden dynamics become visible. As we witness or take part in this “living” representation, a new picture starts to unfold, a new way of looking at events and people.

This new picture is very often rather different from the usual family story we know, we have heard or we may have been told. Events that formed the history of the family are given their true weight and significance and the connections with members of the system who may have never  had their rightful place in the family history become  a source of deep, and moving strenght.  When the inner order of the family is respectfully and lovingly restored, the entangling dynamics no longer operate. Family members are then able to find their rightful place in the system and thus experience a sense of belonging and true strength.

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