Practitioner Directory

Ljubica GnjatovićITC, CerradaZagreb

  • Cerrada

    These practitioners have received a Cerrada themselves as well as practiced giving full protocol Cerradas under supervision.

  • Intensive Training Completed (ITC)

    These practitioners completed the intensive 3-day workshop on Foundation Rebozo Skills consisting of 24 hours of teaching and supervised practice and are in the process of completing the case studies needed for Foundation Rebozo certification.

  • Foundation Rebozo Certified (FRC)

    These practitioners have completed the 3 case studies and availed of the feedback enabling them to become Certified in all the Foundation skills which include prenatal techniques such as the Manteada (pregnancy massage using the rebozo).

  • Traditional Mexican Practices for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

    These practitioners completed the introductory 2 day workshop in Dublin, Ireland (September 2016) referred to as Dublin Introduction (DI) in the table below.

  • Honouring & Celebrating Women’s Life Cycles

    These practitioners completed one full day (8 hours) find out more about its contents here

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