Practitioner Directory

Mayella Almazán ArreolaTeacherUK, Ireland and Mexico, online worldwide

Theresa Armenta MontesCerrada, DI Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

Elidia Calvo MartinITC, CerradaDublin

Se habla castellano /English spoken

Jennifer ConnellITC, Cerrada, DIGalway, Republic of Ireland

Natasha Alejandra MontesITC, CerradaNatasha sadly passed away but we keep her name in this directory in memory of her love and dedication for traditional Mexican medicine.
Amina MerabetDIBarcelona, Tarragona, Teruel & Andalucía ( Spain) and Co Mayo (Ireland)
WhatsApp +44 (0) 7456 888019
Melanie O’Halloran-GomesDI, CerradaGalway, Republic of Ireland & The Azores (Portugal)
Shauna BradyITC, CerradaGalway
  • Cerrada

    These practitioners have received a Cerrada themselves as well as practiced giving full protocol Cerradas under supervision.

  • Intensive Training Completed (ITC)

    These practitioners completed the intensive 3-day workshop on Foundation Rebozo Skills consisting of 24 hours of teaching and supervised practice and are in the process of completing the case studies needed for Foundation Rebozo certification.

  • Foundation Rebozo Certified (FRC)

    These practitioners have completed the 3 case studies and availed of the feedback enabling them to become Certified in all the Foundation skills which include prenatal techniques such as the Manteada (pregnancy massage using the rebozo).

  • Traditional Mexican Practices for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

    These practitioners completed the introductory 2 day workshop in Dublin, Ireland (September 2016) referred to as Dublin Introduction (DI) in the table below.

  • Honouring & Celebrating Women’s Life Cycles

    These practitioners completed one full day (8 hours) find out more about its contents here

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