Women are cyclical creatures. This means we are never the same as in another moment. And this is NORMAL. Understanding this aspect of ourselves is essential to make peace and come to a place of deep understanding of our femininity. When we are not aware of this, we misunderstand and judge ourselves, and this hurts.

I used to think I had to make up my mind and try and fix myself into being one way or another so I could be consistent. This was a struggle, as my body took me from being super sociable one day to the extreme opposite, and from being the most positive and driven woman on Earth to a place of feeling foggy, unfocused and tired the next…..a battle ensued between my intellect and my body. I struggled to come to terms with these changes and felt guilty for not being able to feel “great” all the time, for myself, for my family.

For a while I dulled theses emotional waves through pain-killers and the contraceptive pill, but they made me feel even worse. Libido non-existent, living in an emotion-free bubble, the extreme downs and shifts were gone, but there was no joy either.

Then I met and trained with Miranda Gray and discovered the inherent beauty in women´s changing nature. Just as men and women both experience life and enjoy summer days in a different way we experience and enjoy spring, so our womanly bodies change and move from feeling to feeling, from sensation to sensation, and from desire to desire, week after week after week, coming back each time, just like the seasons in our wonderful planet, Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter and then back all over again and again.

What we feel and what we need is therefore always new and always fresh. This is what makes women feel alive and what makes us connect with the here and now, with our health and wellbeing and our needs and wants just as THEY ARE at that moment. Isn´t this powerful Medicine? Oh, yes it is !

I gained more understanding and started to listen to my body more rather than judge, try to control or criticise it.

I learnt to optimise my day wherever I was at the time in the wave and ride with it, using this incredible force in my favour, rather than fight against it. Riding the rollercoaster of change as life force, rather than a mistake in human design. This is embodied presence within yourself, the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself and so felt the urge to start sharing it with other women.

As a result, finding natural ways of supporting the flux of emotions has become a keen interest for me. Fermented foods are essential in this adventure of keeping me in close and constant contact with my body and feelings as well as a magnificent mirror of women´s abilities to totally renew ourselves each month. Sometime bubbly, others tangy or sweet, ever transforming. Thank you, Dearbhla for bringing the intensity and rhythm of living foods into my life.

Today I champion menstrual cycles as the most powerful tool women have to discover what being a woman is truly like and teach them how to use this wisdom on their daily lives to enhance and optimise their personal and professional development.  

Putting together the first of our four Triskelle Retreats with The Cultured Club and Aoife O´Dalaigh has been like a flower bulb I have long awaited to bloom in my life. It will not only allow me to work closely and spend more time with two women whose passion for what they do I admire and respect, but also bring to YOU an incredible mix of skills and knowledge that will make for a very enjoyable, well balanced event.  A welcome living tonic, a lot of insightful information, a bit of guided meditation, a bit of body movement to assist you in deepening your connection with your feminine ebb and flows and a taster menu specifically designed to celebrate the Summer and all its gifts to women the world over.

Cyclic or not, with a physical womb or not. You are all very welcome   ♥  

Numbers are very limited due to space constraints.  Heed the call of your womanly body. Book your space today here